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Knowledgeable,Trustworthy & Dependable
A native of Mobile Amber moved to the Eastern Shore in 2003 with her husband. She took an interest in real estate, but soon after put her career goals on hold to raise their two children. While raising her children she found herself keeping up with current market conditions, local market inventory and sales knowing that one day she would complete her goal of becoming a real estate professional.

Knowledgeable, trustworthy and dependable are the core values that Amber will bring into every real estate transaction. With her own particular brand of customer service coupled with true southern hospitality she will build relationships with clients that continue long after their purchase or sale. Having a passion for getting things done, a keen ear, and strong work ethic she will strive to help each client meet their needs seamlessly and in the timeliest manner.

Amber is equally as passionate about life as she is about business. She enjoys discovering new places and cultures through travels with her family, spending time on the water in south Baldwin county or sitting at home with family and friends watching college football.

No matter where she is, Amber is living her dreams and wanting to make other people's dreams a reality.

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